Powerboat Level 2 Coastal

The Sights of London
The Sights of London

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Learn to drive a boat in london
Learn to drive a boat in london

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learning with a smile
learning with a smile

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The Sights of London
The Sights of London

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This is the most popular course and the two days over which it is run gives just enough time to cover the extensive syllabus for both practical instruction and theory for a coastal endorsement During the two days, the course subjects are covered in adequate depth to enable the student to be safe in basic boating.

The instructor will cover the following topics with you during your time with them:

On the second day of the course we spend time looking at charts, tides, navigation buoyage and using a compass and GPS. This will give you a basic knowledge on planning your voyages for your coastal endorsement.


Once you have passed the Level 2 course should you wish to apply for your International Certificate of Competence (ICC) from the RYA, we will provide the relevant forms which coupled with a photo and a copy of your certificate will get you your ‘licence’.The ICC Licence will qualify you for power craft up to 10 metres and covers you if boating abroad. The ICC is available at a charge through the RYA unless you are a member then it is free. Please note that the ICC will be issued to British citizens, or bona-fida residents of the UK (proof of address then required for non-British citizens).

We also offer testing facilities for the CEVNI test, which allows you to drive inland on continental Europe waterways, this is an addition to the ICC Coastal ticket.

Young candidates under the age of 16 who wish to take the level 2 course must hold a valid level 1 certificate, the ICC can be applied for once you are 16 years of age.

When booking an RYA Powerboat Training Course you should take into consideration the location of the Centre and the training areas they use.

The RYA Groups training centres into two categories - Inland and Coastal;

Inland Centres; typically operate on Lakes, Canals, reservoirs and non-moving / non-tidal waters.

Coastal Centres; such as ourselves, typically operate on tidal waters including rivers, estuaries and the sea.


By successfully completing the course with us you will gain a RYA Powerboat Level 2 - Coastal Endorsed qualification.

Learning the Ropes
  • Launching & recovery

  • Safety equipment

  • Lines and fenders

  • Fuel tanks

  • Boat handling at all speeds

  • Effects of current or tide

  • Propeller controls

  • Securing to a buoy and mooring

  • anchoring

  • Leaving and coming alongside

  • Man overboard

  • Engine checks

  • Collision Regulations

  • Weather forecasts

  • Emergency action

  • use of power tilt & trim;

  • safety checks;

  • personal buoyancy;

  • awareness of other water users;

  • application of the collision regulations (IRPCS);

  • local bylaws;

  • towing and being towed;

  • communication with other craft;

  • emergency action;

  • distress signals;

  • fire precautions

  • fire fighting

  • rope work.